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Community Garden

Laser Tag

Table Top Night

Gaga Pit

So Much More...

We offer the chance for students to get involved with our community garden. The garden broke ground in May 2018 and is managed by Volunteer Doug Bishop. Within its first 3 months it yielded 250+ lbs of fresh produce that was donated to The Orting Food Bank and 50+ lbs that was donated to The Orting Senior Center. 

garden start.jpg
garden growing.jpg
garden donation.jpg

We have Laser Tag Nights and Friday Laser Tag. Follow our Facebook page for the schedule. The students love playing and it brings everyone together. 

laser tag guns.jpg
lasers in big room.jpg

Come and play card games like Magic and Dungeons and Dragons. Follow our Facebook page for the schedule or click on "Events" from the menu above. 

table top night.jpg
table top games.jpg

Come and play Gaga Pit. This game is like four square but way more fun.

gaga pit.jpg

We have so many more activities like: Ping Pongs, Air Hockey, Xbox One's, and a Pool Table. Everyone can find something they like to do. 

ping pong table.jpg
pool table.jpg
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