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We offer tons of cool activities! Within our 4,300 sq foot building we have a Cafe that is setup for cooking classes, Xbox Gold Live, pool, air hockey, charging stations for iphone/androids, strong Wifi, and a chalkboard wall.


Then our Multipurpose Room has ping pong, dodgeball, cornhole, parkour, wrestling, gymnastics, football, frisbee, and laser tag.


Then for our social butterflies we have a Small Meeting Room. This room has a huge conference table with office chairs that have rollerblade wheels. This room has the board games, card games, or just for hanging out. 

Finally we have a Community Garden that is managed by our very own Orting Cub Scouts. They mend to our garden year round planting and harvesting fresh veggies and herbs to then donate to the Orting Senior Center and Orting Food Bank. 

Our Volunteers are fully background checked and ready to help. We believe in offering mentorship that can teach life skills like leadership, communication, and how navigate through conflict, but most of all how to have FUN!

Student Registration

Parents, please take some time to fill out our medical release and emergency contact form for your student. They need to be in 6th - 12th grade to participate in the teen hours. Every student that visits us needs one of these on file.


 Gaga Pit 

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